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Children 子供, EVACUATE 避難

ふくしま集団疎開裁判 Sendai High Court rejects Evacuation demand

Japan court rejects demand to evacuate children while acknowledging radiation risks on health

no evacuation

On April 24th, 2013, the Sendai High Court 2nd Civil Affairs ruled to reject an appeal of 14 children at elementary schools and junior-high schools in Koriyama city, Fukushima Prefecture. They filed a lawsuit (internationally known as the Fukushima Collective Evacuation Trial ふくしま集団疎開裁判. The trial is against the city to injunct compulsory education activities in radiation-contaminated environment over 1mSv per year. The lawsuit argued the city of Koriyama had legal responsibility to evacuate children at elementary schools and junior-high schools, which are part of compulsory education under Japanese law.

The court acknowledged radiation in the city exceeded levels deemed safe prior to the disaster. But it said the government shoulders no responsibility for evacuating the schools as demanded — in effect, telling people to leave on their own if they were worried.

Toshio Yanagihara, one of the lawyers, said the ruling was unfair as the children were “victims with absolutely no responsibility for the nuclear accident.”

If you put it in one word, the judgement was baffling ! In the first half of the statement, the judges basically said “There is a considerable amount of concerns about the health condition of the children of Koriyama city”. They clearly noted that there is an increasing risk to their health due to radiation exposure. Then in the last half of their statement, the tone of the arguments changed suddenly. At last, they’ve concluded that the “plaintiffs” have no right to evacuate and that Koriyama has no obligation to support their evacuation, which is not consistent with the first half of their statement at all.  – Toshio Yanagihara

The case had drawn international attention because it touched the uncertainties about the effects of continuous low-dose radiation on health, especially that of children, who are far more vulnerable than adults.


fuku trial
A lower court threw out the original case in December 2011, but that ruling was appealed. The latest ruling can also be appealed.




Koriyama shi

Koriyama is a city of 330,000 people located about 60 kilometers (40 miles) west of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant. Though the distance separating her from Daiichi, Koriyama remains one of the most contaminated town in the prefecture.

koriyama map 2 koriyama radiation map

A short film by Tetsuo Sugeno about Koriyama City which is 60km from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station.  If they were to apply the evacuation standard used in Chernobyl, most of the central part of the city would fall under the mandatory evacuation area.


Please send your message to support Fukushima children and help them win the right to evacuate. Thank you!

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The name of the game now is for it to be recognized and promoted worldwide. One thing this government is wary of is international public opinion. So we are going to strike where it hurts them the most !

Live from Lalaland  26/04/2013

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One thought on “ふくしま集団疎開裁判 Sendai High Court rejects Evacuation demand

  1. Good afternoon, how are you all? I live in London United Kingdom. I am japanese and have three children. When I was a child long time ago visited Fukushima to my grandmother’s sister’s family as they live in Nihonmastu, also Sendai which I have many memories. I have read many news articles about nuclear power station problems in Europe as I live here, and in Japanese it has been very upsetting, disturbing at times.( Has got me down., ) But I always wish for things to get better for all of people,children and babies in Japan. I researched many articles on phytoremediation Chenorbyl with very low costs, researchers/ scientist studies and findings for last many decades. All people, children, and babies has rights to evacuate to another city/town or different prefecture as human rights is stated. There has been many real people’s help across the country in all places which is real strength brought by true big caring heart makes a great support. Thank you. Here is some news article links below

    Posted by Momoshika | September 10, 2013, 9:35 pm

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