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- IWAKI SHI, Children 子供, PROPAGANDA 宣伝

福島・いわき市 Swimming in Fukushima


iwaki chikdren swimming 5

So right after TEPCO admitted that radioactive groundwater from the plant IS leaking to the ocean, local government is promoting to children in Iwaki shi to swim in the ocean … South of Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant!

Yotsukura swimming beach has officially re opened from 7/15/2013 to 8/18/2013 for the first time since 311.

ANN TV was quick to cover the opening ceremony, that also included a Shinto religious services held by the government municipality. Local authorities are pushing really hard the idea that all is fine in Fukushima and that the Nuclear catastrophe is a thing of the past, as this shameless piece of not so well orchestrated propaganda demonstrate.

There was hardly anyone on Yotsukura beach. Only a handful of “volunteers” children daring to take a dip, tightly followed by all the local media’s cameras. One is to wonder at this point; What were the parents thinking about ?

iwaki chikdren swimming 2

iwaki chikdren swimming 1


Iwaki city took sand samples on Yotsukura beach from six locations in January and March 2013. The highest reading turned out to be 3,167 Bq/Kg (Cs-134/137) from dry sand while the lowest reading was 47.3 Bq/Kg (Cs-134/137).

sand iwaki

The authorities are not willing to try and measure other isotopes such as Tritium, Strontium or even Plutonium, which is more likely escaping to the ocean.

A child playing in the sand on the newly re open beach

A child playing in the sand on the newly re opened beach

That is called, THE REVIVAL OF TOHOKU, where the Japanese government profits by pushing its economic agenda, while disregarding the safety of the victims (past, present and future) of the Fukushima Nuclear catastrophe.

Workers are clearing Yotsukura Beach just days before the official opening of surfing season and hula dancing along the radioactive shore at the edge of the exclusion zone.

Workers are clearing Yotsukura Beach just days before the official opening, at the edge of the exclusion zone.

TV Asahi claims that the levels are below detectable limit, after decontamination.

Decontamination of a beach ? The ocean would have to be decontaminated first!

way to close to Daiichi NPP

way to close to Daiichi NPP

Japan is failing to protect its children. There are NO VALID reasons to put these kids in danger!

Everyone has gone mad !!!

A little not from my friend Laurent Maseboone ;

海 の日の15日、福島県いわき市の四倉海水浴場では、震災後、初めての海開きが行われました。 ???????????いわきの海開き。朝日テレビ曰く:「海水の放射性物質も検出限界値未満だった」と、、、はあ!?だ・か・ら、その「検出限界」っ て、正確にはどのぐらいなんだよ?数十ベクレル?数分しか測らないと何でも「検出限界未満」になるからね!、言え ないの??インチキ報道陣!どうせ、ベータ線(ストロンチウム)とアルファ線(プルトニウム)は測っていないだろう! ところで、おりしも今、地下から漏 れているって東伝でも認めているんだよ!溶融燃料からのアルファ線もベータ線も!この映像は、子供達が間違えて海水を飲んでいるところも映っているよ。な んという世の中だ!

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