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Man throws shoes at LDP members during Diet session over Secrecy Bill


 ” It is time for Revolution” – Man throwing shoes at LDP party members in session

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Unless you are living on the moon, you surely know that the “secrecy bill” has passed (forced) by a majority of the ruling party in the upper house plenary session at midnight on Friday December 6th. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is satisfied  … the rest of us are obviously not. But more on this on my next post …. for this one is about throwing shoes at bad people!


The man who is sitting in the front row of the public gallery is hurled toward the floor with missing shoes. That is because he threw them in the direction of the Diet’s seats, hitting Seko Hiroshige, while shouting out That is outrageous!” and ” “Time for Revolution”.  The first shoe flew about 30 meters, the other one ended up hitting a desk in the front row seats of legislators. An other man and woman, who also raised their voice of miscontent were taken out of the session.

While this practice in the Muslism religion is the ultimate insult, it sure is not common in Japan, but we hope this will become a trend.

Our thoughts are with this braves people and their families, who dared defied tyranny and are now being detained by the police. how long will they be detained for , … That’s a “secret” !


法案審議中の参院本会議で午後10時半ごろ、傍聴席の最前列に座っていた男性が、履いていた靴を脱いで議場に向かって投げつけ、退場させられるハ プニングが起きた。突然傍聴席の上に立ち上がって、「こんなことをしていると革命が起きるぞ」と叫び、紺色のひも付き靴を2足、投げた。靴は約30メート ル飛び、1足は議場後列に座っていた世耕弘成官房副長官に当たり、もう1足は机をバウンドしながら議員席の最前列まで転がった。この男性のほか、男女1人 ずつが声を上げたり、紙吹雪をまき、計3人が退場となった。

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One thought on “Man throws shoes at LDP members during Diet session over Secrecy Bill

  1. from 小林茂
    “世耕に当たったのかあ、制球力抜群!威力業務妨害容疑だそうだが、官僚丸投げで大した仕事もしてない輩がよく言うよ”。 ;)

    Posted by nelson311 | December 9, 2013, 1:03 am

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