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Actor Taro YAMAMOTO 山本 太郎 ~ Going The Distance

Tokyo, Sept 25th – At a time when Japan should be standing strong and united, it is becoming more and more apparent that instead, we are experiencing a distinct separation between those that believe in the government’s claims that all is fine and those willing to go the distance to evacuate all citizens exposed to incredible radiation exposure. There are also the division between pro nukes and anti nukes activists … then there is also one very large group that stands out mostly; the one that do not care anyway and do not wish to take any sides; let’s not waste our time with this one. Not worth it!

Let’s focus on those that are going the distance. Amongst that group, one person really stands out. Meet actor Taro YAMAMOTO  山本 太郎.    Born on November, 24th 1974, from Hyogo ken, Taro quickly became a star, starting his carreer in movies such as “Love Letter” (1998) and the controversial “Battle Royale” (2000).  In 2004, he won the Blue Ribbon Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the movie Moon Child. Taro san is a simple man, enjoys scuba diving, Tennis and boxing.

All that was put on hold once 3/11 hit. Something snapped. He had to do something. He could not be silent and live in complacency. Too much at stake; the lives of his fellow country men and children, the future of his country. Right after the nuclear crisis began, Taro san expressed his anti nuclear stand, knowingly of what would happened to his career. See in Japan, there is not that liberty of expression that the United States for example may have and take often for granted. You can still have a career and yet be an activist and be actually loved for it ; i.e Shawn Penn, George Clooney, Alec Baldwin etc … Some actually enjoyed being one time activists with publicity stunts with the likes of Lady Gaga or Biever (is that how you spell his name?). But here in real life, if you are an activist in Japan against the Authorities, Nuclear Lobby and others, you most likely will become an “enemy of the state”.

In May, Taro san fired his agent after having his role in a television drama canceled apparently due to his antinuclear remarks following the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant triggered by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

Since then, all hell broke loose and he decided to take the fight straight to them. In July 11th, the actor now turned hard core activist, forced his way peacefully with 150 activists into the Saga prefectural offices, demanding to stop the restart of two idled reactors at the Genkai Nuclear Power Station. They handed a letter of request to a prefectural official and left the building after Saga Gov. Yasushi Furukawa declined to meet with the group. In September 2011, the Saga prefecture accepted a criminal complaint filed by a 27 yrs old man who lives in Kyoto against Taro san, calling for severe punishment.

”An act of entering a prefectural office by getting over a barrier significantly deviates from freedom of expression guaranteed by the Constitution. It is unacceptable in a nation abiding by the rule of the law,” the complaint says.

I believe there is also a law in the constitution that calls against any governemnt to willingly put its citizens in harm’s way.

Today, Taro san has put himself forward to represent the voices of the Children of Fukushima and their parents in a desperate attempt to evacuate as many as possible. He has marched many times at the side of Fukushima resident Seiichi Nakate, founder of Network to Save the Children from Radiation. Nakate san is an other hero that has also put his life upside down to force a mass evacuation of his compatriots.

“Children in Fukushima can get exposed from 1 to now 20 millisieverts of radiation. Frankly, aren’t we just watching people die? The authorities are telling us “be patient but we cannot guarantee anything”. I think this is murder”says Taro san.

Taro san took a firm stand and is driven to help in saving as many people as he can. He is determined and failing is not an option. He has put everything on the line and should be recognized as a national hero. At a time in Japan, where silence is deafening, his voice can now easily be heard over all the lies, incompetence and greed of the Japanese government and the Nuclear Lobby.

So, thank you a million Taro san and we are all very grateful for what you are doing. You are not forgotten, nor alone. We will stand by your side … when you go the distance !!

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