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National Radioactive Bonfire

Hosono … the Patriot

As you may already know (hope you do), 35 prefectures offered little resistance when accepting to dispose of millions of tons of radioactive debris from Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures in the wake of the triple disaster of March 11th, 2011. In fact, citizens did not oppose it much either. According to Fuji TV News, only 3000 complains were sent to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and predictably applied zero pressure to the concerned authorities. Minister of Environment, Goshi Hosono is pursuing his ignorant master plan to the letter; that is to involve the whole nation in a self righteous flagellation to insure the reconstruction of the quake/tsunami/nuclear stricken areas of Northern Japan.

According to his ministry, up to 45 millions of cubic meters of radioactive waste must be disposed of. Hosono insisted that he will not seek an alternate plan to export any of it overseas (beside of the radioactive food that they plan to ship to third world countries).

“Japan as a nation is to share the pain of Fukushima … everywhere in Japan”.

How heroic and patriotic of him !

“The debris in Iwate Prefecture and Miyagi Prefecture is not radioactive waste. There is no danger when it is burned, and the ashes can be safely disposed of. We will guarantee the safety and be responsible for the safety, so we want the municipalities to cooperate”.

This is a complete lie !  See for yourself


Package arrived well at destination

Tokyo, November 3rd.  At 7am, the first load of debris arrived discretely in Tokyo freight JR terminal. It was, shortly after, transported to one of TEPCO’s subsidiary “Tokyo Rinkai Recycle Power”. There, it will be crushed, burned and ashes will be dumped in the Tokyo Bay. From that point on, it is best to “smile A LOT” … cause we are all going to need to carry happy thoughts on that one (thx Dr Yamashita for the advice).

When the debris arrived in Tokyo, a slew of curious reporters were present. Ex SKF received a few rather interesting tweets that I also would like to share;

Hirofumi Yanagase, a Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly man from Ota-ku said;

“They did not measure the content of the container upon arrival”

News reporters were forbidden to take radiation measurement of the container, using their own Geigers” reported OurPlanet TV, who also was on site. However, a determined citizen came around to the container with his Geiger counter and measured …. 35 microSv/h.

Ooops … !

A collective effort serving a mass delusion

What are the risks? Simply another silly complain or another act of “radiophobia”?

The rubbles were measured for radiation levels in Iwate and showed about 133 bq/kg. How did they measure it? They inserted a little bit of debris in a lead box!

What everyone needs to know is that the default safety limit, pre 311 was 100 bq/kg. That is what was considered safe. But in July 2011, they jump that number to 8000 bq/kg. However, it would turn out to be an insufficient mark up, when they realized that number increased past that amount when burning radioactive sludge in Kanto. It forced the Kashiwa Incinerator Center (outskirts of Tokyo) to shut down a couple months earlier. Kashiwa is now one of the worse hotspot in the Kanto area. Not saying it is solely because of the careless burning, but it certainly did not help.

Facing this harsh reality, the Japanese authorities pushed the envelope and granted 10 000 bq/kg in October 2011. I bet only few hundred people know about it in Japan. Sneaking little bastards, aren’t they!? If I were them, I would wait to burn it all in Tokyo, wait and see what numbers they’d come up with … and allocate that number to the official safe limit. Much easier that way, no?


By the way …. Did they look for Plutonium, Uranium, Americium, Strontium, Xenon (as of late) etc … I think someone should tell them that incinerating radioactivity does not obliterate it. On the contrary, it will spew unknown content of nucleides high into our atmosphere, once again.

Tokyo … Sin City … Ishihara is her pimp!

 Tokyo is “gung ho” to execute Hosono’s absurd plan. In fact, Tokyo’s Governor Shintaro ISHIHARA (why can’t he just disappear once for all?) had come forward to play a big part in this rather dangerous “master plan”. Tokyo alone agreed to dispose 500,000 tons of this “harmless” radioactive debris; first from Iwate followed by Miyagi … a little bit from Fukushima mixed in perhaps? Needless to say thatTokyo Metropolitan gov’t remains the largest shareholder of TEPCO stock.

The 79yrs old “far right” (right down fascist if you ask me) Governor of Tokyo, Shintaro ISHIHARA (brother of long gone mega superstar actor Yujiro ISHIHARA) sold out. He has now officially became an active player in the huge experiment in radiation exposure on his own people.

But unlike most of the corrupt governors in other prefectures (Yuhei SATO of Fukushima comes to mind), I doubt his only motive is money. He is also very much … how would I say? …”crazy”, “nuts”, “senile”, “stubborn”, “arrogant”, “extreme” or even simply “out of his (F word) mind”!

Remember Aum Shinrikyo, the religious cult that was involved in several brutal murders and assassinations, including the infamous Sarin gas attack in the Tokyo subway in 1995? Ishihara was known to have financed and gave those lunatics political support and had to leave the Diet for 4 yrs.

So he might be just that; OUT of his (F word) mind!!! That or he is working for Koreans!!!


To many people’s disbeliefs (mine included), Ishihara represented himself and was re elected with great ease for a third term as the Governor of Tokyo, proclaiming “divine punishment”, following the devastating quake and tsunami that claimed the lives of more than 20 000 people.

Silly little old man!

But back to our topic of incinerating radioactive debris for us truly! On a news clip from Fuji TV on November 4th, nutcase Ishihara had the following to say when one journalist mentioned about the complaints received about the potential danger that burning radioactive debris would cause,

“SHUT UP, is all we need to say about these complains”

Silly little old man!!!!

UPDATE (November 8th)

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government stated they would answer questions from citizens about their concerns. So, one worried citizen called and had the “privilege” to talk to Mr Takahashi, whom quickly replied;

“We will continue to accept the debris no matter how many [protest] phone calls we receive.”

“It is a fate for children to accept radiation contamination.”

“You are just calling to file a claim.”

“I am talking to you only because it is [unfortunately] my job to do so.”

Thank you Mr Takahashi ! It was nice talking to you too …

You can always try Mr Nemoto in the same office …

“There will be no ashes after burning the debris, you idiot. What are ashes, please? Tell me that.”

When I pointed out to him his overbearing manners, he replied,

“Oh yeesss, I am sooo sorry. Yessir! I am answering very politely, aren’t I? I am apologizing nooowww.”

And if you really like the abuse, do not hesiate to contact Ms Iwanaga

 “Radioactive materials would disperse [by burning the debris] but it would be safe; there was no problem at all because it had been agreed and approved in the Metropolitan Assembly which represents the residents of Tokyo; there was no system whereby the residents have a direct say in the matter.”

To top it off, she hangs up on you, if your are lucky enough.

Still does not beat Ishihara’s “shut up” or Tatsuo Hirano “There were those who moved to safety and thought ‘we’ll be safe here’. Then there were idiots like my old classmate who didn’t take shelter. He’s dead now.”

All these worthless bureaucrats are trying their best to stay as ignorant, incompetent and arrogant as possible. And they are doing that so effortlessly, aren’t they? I say it is our turn to harrass them;

To speak live with any of the clowns at the Ministry of Environment, feel free and call —– +81-3-5388-3436. You will not get any accurate infos and might be insulted (by public servants), but you sure can get a good laugh !!!

NOTE; Thank you to Ex SKF for the great translation;

One with Japan… a national “sepyuku”.

Bottom line is;

We can all rejoice in harmony and enjoy our national radioactive bonfire together … right under our noses (no punt intended). So, in a feel good moment, please join hands with your neighbor or yet a complete stranger. You are about to share the pain of Fukushima. We are now ONE with the collective mind of Japan. We are all adepts of Bushido.

Today, we are all Japanese.

Today, we all belong.

Today, we are all seriously screwed!

No choice anyway!

It does not matter how far we live from Daiichi … cause now Daiichi is coming to us all.

Nelson – Live from Lalaland



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