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Japanese Government OCCUPIES google search

March 8th 2012

Keeping scores in the latest propaganda wars…

People of Japan 1 – Government 0

“Harmful rumors”, “baseless rumors”, “radio-phobia” or … “fear mongers”. The Japanese government had it. It does not want any of it. Understandably so; more and more people evacuating from contaminated areas, evacuees not returning although they have been “instructed” to do so, foreigners are on the leave too, no one buys radioactive food our days, foreign countries still hold their grounds with banning Japanese products and they are meeting strong resistance in burning radioactive debris all across the nation.

If you ask me, citizens of Japan are becoming wiser … or simply they are tired of the obvious propaganda being forced on them, some of it just plain silly!

However, this incompetent government is on a mission and they won’t go down just like that! Even if most of the “harmful rumors” are legit, life must go on and Fukushima must revive. Revive on the backs of innocent children if need be! Ignorance and stubbornness define the current handling of the crisis.

People of Japan 1 – Government 1

How did they score 1 point? By trying to force their propaganda … via internet! And where else is better to do that than giant search engine Google.

Type the word “FUKUSHIMA” . Bingo! Top search result is actually an online new monthly Japanese magazine owned by the Governmental Relations Office, called “Highlighting Japan” with the sole purpose of “helping readers to better understand Japan today”. Their home page is rather simplistic and if it was not internet, we could almost smell the paint! It’s that new !! It features a big fat link to “counter measures to the great earthquake”, translated by yours truly as “counter attack to the mean little fear mongers”! Come on, people ; raise your hands, don’t be shy!

So if we Google “apple Fukushima”, we get this;

If we Google “evacuees Fukushima”, we get that;

Funny enough, if we type “government kills citizens Fukushima”, they still come on top.

Please note that such words like “Japan” and “Miyagi” does the same trick. However,  “Osaka”, “Okinawa” or even “Gunma”  does not get “Highlighting japan” BS as a top result. I guess they really do not have enough money to pay Google to reference key words … which is good news, because it is really possible they would have associated this “informative” site to half the Japanese dictionary, had they had enough funds.

So please, have fun, feel free to mix and match any words that associates automatically to that site and see what comes up!

It is going to be a long fight to the finish it seems!

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3 thoughts on “Japanese Government OCCUPIES google search

  1. a song about this: ‘Nuclear Power Saves Up To Threat Level 7‘ is Michel Montecrossa’s
    New-Topical-Song for the Chernobyl Anniversary and no end of
    radioactivity in a world with constantly growing contamination emanating
    from always more nuclear plants.

    Video ‘Nuclear Power Saves Up To Threat Level 7‘:

    Michel Montecrossa ( says:
    “’Nuclear Power Saves Up To Threat Level 7′ is a song of warning. Today
    we live in a world with no end of radioactivity and in a world with
    constantly growing contamination emanating from always more nuclear
    plants. ‘Nuclear Power Saves Up To Threat Level 7′ is triggered by the
    Chernobyl Disaster Anniversary and the fact that we are not able to
    handle our energy problems unless we find the way to achieving Human
    Unity and the realization of the United States of Planet Earth. It is
    the united effort of all humanity in a global union, free of borders
    that can find a new way for producing and distributing energy without
    endangering our life and the life and climate of the Earth.”


    Nuclear power worldwide saves the / equivalent of about 500 million tons
    of coal.
    Tougher controls on / polluting industries and a / strengthened
    pollution / inspectorate to / enforce them are to be / brought in by
    the / government under its ‘green bill’ / published yesterday, oho,
    Yes, nuclear power worldwide saves the / equivalent of about 500 million
    tons of coal and leads to
    a poisoned environment and up to / threat level 7, / to dangerous and
    frightening / lawless places, / to economy breakdown and to / rising
    food prices and / medicine prices beyond control. / You may scream: “No
    way! That’s a non-starter! / Nuclear disasters also lead to no water!”
    Nuclear power worldwide saves / the equivalent of about 500 million tons
    of coal. / And that is a great thing
    indeed, oh Lord, / especially when no one will be / there any more. Any
    more …
    Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

    Posted by FreedomSong12 | April 28, 2012, 6:24 pm
  2. Wow! Thanks, I was having a hard time looking for dofollow and auto approved blog comments. Thanks for sharing these search codes.

    Posted by Massage therapy | July 4, 2012, 9:15 pm

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