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Children 子供

Only 13% thyroid abnormalities in Miyagi

Lalaland  March 16th, 2013



According to Marumori town in Miyagi prefecture, they detected nodules or cysts in children’s thyroid ; 13.3 %.
The survey was implemented on children who were under 18 years at the time of the Daiichi accident
Among 1,982 children, they detected cysts from 259  of them. These have been informed that a follow-up test won’t be needed. However, 5 children were diagnosed with nodules and will require further testing.

  1. 検査の内容  甲状腺外科専門医による超音波診断装置を使用した検査
  2. 検査対象者  2,323人
  3. 検査希望者  1,996人
  4. 検査実施者  1,982人(受検率 99.3%)
  5. 検査の結果

13% in Miyagi

This survey comes as a surprise , following Dr Yamashita led survey, in “random” cities in Nagasaki, Aomori and Yamanashi prefectures.  4,365 between 3 and 18 yrs were tested out of the cities of Hirosaki, Kofu and Nagasaki. Results of this survey claim that 56% of the children tested shown thyroid abnormalities. More than in Fukushima ??  This information was quickly embraced by NHK and other Mass Gomi (media garbage), feeding this discovery to the people of Japan. This of course minimizes once again the true impact of low dose exposure to radiation for the children of Fukushima.

More investigation must be done on the results of that survey.

  1. Where are these children from ?
  2. Where were they at the time of the accident?
  3. Which children were tested ? Were they chosen randomly or were these data collected from cancer clinics ?
  4. Was the methodology of the testing the same as the one performed in the Fukushima survey?

In the meantime, while 3 children have been officially diagnosed with thyroid cancers, 7 more will have to go through surgery. And the words are; close to a whooping 60 children may also be included in this list.

In Fukushima alone, 44% of the children tested show thyroid abnormalities.

Thyroid fukushima

According to Professor KUNIHIKO TAKEDA, the amount of thyroid cancers developing is 10 times higher than that of normal average before 3.11.

Kaneda thyroid B4 311

@2005  National Cancer Center   Japan

13.3%  in Miyagi

57% in three pre selected cities outside of FUKUSHIMA

44% in Fukushima.

These numbers don’t add up. Stay tuned.


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