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Taro YAMAMOTO 山本太郎様 ~ Going The Distance Part 6 – Death Threat

Taro san receives a serious death threat

(follow the story from the beginning here and here)

The saga continues. After brave Senator Yamamoto breached the Imperial “etiquette” by handing a letter to the Emperor Akihito of Japan last week, during the annual autumn garden party at the Akasaka Palace imperial garden in Tokyo, in which Taro san wanted to let the Emperor know about the plight of the children affected by the nuclear disaster, reports are coming in, confirming that Taro san has received a death threat in an envelope that contained a knife.




The menacing letter, discovered by security officers at a Tokyo building filled with lawmakers’ offices, warned that “a group of assassins will be dispatched shortly”, public broadcaster NHK and other media reported. Inside the envelope was a clasp knife with a 9 cm blade.

The envelope also included a message with an apparent threat to kill the lawmaker. On the back of the envelope, a message in red said, “A group of assassins carrying knifes will be sent to you shortly.”

The sender claimed to be the head of an organization bearing a Japanese name that can be translated as “The Japanese Race Independence and Liberation Front.” Investigative sources said there is no organization registered under the name.

“That does not sound like the name of a real nationalist group,” Mitsuhiro Kimura, the president of the right-wing Issuikai group, told The South China Morning Post. “It sounds like a name that someone has come up with very quickly.”


Example of vicious attacks on the internet picturing a funeral picture of Taro san

Example of vicious attacks on the internet picturing a funeral picture of Taro san


The Metropolitan Police Department has launched an investigation for suspected intimidation.

The Emperor reacts  陛下、山本太郎議員案じる

The Emperor Akihito of Japan, who in the past expressed his worries about the situation in Fukushima and who inadvertently got caught in this whole mess, has decided to speak out and his cabinet will address the issue of the threat made to Taro san. He is genuinely concerned about his safety. I will update as more news come.



The way of the sword

Among the many nasty comments made public against Taro Yamamoto, Yoshitada Kounoike (disaster management – LDP) had this to say; 山本太郎氏に「切腹用の刀」 元防災相「間接的な殺人しない」 which basically implies Taro san to commit Seppuku.

From Evacuate Fukushima

This is plain and simple; unacceptable. In a nation where fascism is openly on the rise and a government that is doing everything to help in the process, a lone Samurai of modern times is standing tall and strong against all odds to protect children. Once again, I support Senator Yamamoto 150% and we wish him great continuation in his struggle to bring out justice and truth about Fukushima, in a country that is such in dire need of it. Please be safe and we hope that the little “chinpiras” that threatened you will be soon arrested and put to jail.

Taro Yamamoto. You are just awesome and relentless. The spirit of Samurai lives on. I will soon post a bill about the death threat that you guys must have heard about. The Emperor is concerned about Taro s safety and his cabinet will soon address the issue. Everyone needs a hero. Japan has Taro San.

Ganbate kudasai ….


Live from Lalaland

Taro Yamamoto on the “secrecy bill”

山本太郎 秘密保護法案「反対」11/14 外国特派員協会

Senator Taro Yamamoto at the FCCJ, Tokyo, November 2013

Source; Japan Times and


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