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7 schools to close doors due to Fukushima disaster


Seven elementary and junior high schools in Fukushima Prefecture will become the first public ones to close as a consequence of the 2011 nuclear disaster.

Thirty-eight elementary and junior high schools from 10 municipalities relocated outside the evacuation zones after the triple meltdown at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant triggered by the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami.

The schools lost 80 percent of the 7,681 students they had before the disaster. But until now, the municipalities kept them open because officials feared the loss of the children who were to support their communities.


schools to close

In the Tabito district of Iwaki, 60 kilometers southwest of the crippled plant, 105 children were studying at seven elementary and junior high schools in fiscal 2010.

In fiscal 2014, which starts from April 1, only 55 will attend one elementary school and one junior high school, which will take the place of three elementary schools and two junior high schools, respectively.

An Iwaki official said many families who originally migrated there from the Tokyo metropolitan area have left the prefecture due to radiation concerns.

Mano Elementary School in Minami-Soma, 30 km north of the plant, will be merged into a nearby school after the number of pupils dropped to 43 from a pre-quake number of 75.

In addition, Onami Elementary School in Fukushima, 60 km northwest of the plant, will be closed in fiscal 2014. In June 2011, an annualized air radiation dose of 16.3 millisieverts was detected in the schoolyard, the highest among the 1,729 education facilities in the prefecture.



The dose dropped below the government goal of 1 millisievert after decontamination work was carried out, but the number of pupils fell from 30 in fiscal 2011 to only one in fiscal 2013.

Unlike the six other schools, which will be delisted, Onami Elementary School may reopen in the future.

Elsewhere in Fukushima Prefecture, schools are struggling to keep their children.

The town of Futaba will reopen three elementary and junior high schools in temporary facilities in Iwaki in April despite just having a total of seven students. There were 551 children before the quake.

The town of Tomioka and the village of Katsurao have reopened three elementary schools in Miharu since September 2011, but no first-graders are expected to join in April.

According to the prefectural education board, there were 12,648 students who were forced to evacuate and study elsewhere in and outside the prefecture as of May 1, little changed from the 13,286 reported in September 2011.


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March 15th, 2014



One thought on “7 schools to close doors due to Fukushima disaster

  1. Did the exposure really go down below 1mSv/year? How can the accumulation of atomospheric, water and crops’ exposure really be 1mSv/year? Far worse is the internal contamination, the ingestion and absorption of radiation in the entire body. Not just plutonium and uranium, not just Iodine 129 (around for millions of years) and Cesium, but also the highly toxic Americium-241 that continues to be a ‘daughter’ fission product from Fukushima spewing…. and deadly. One mSv/year is increasingly impossible to achieve in Japan, where monitors’ and the area around them are manipulated, thus the dose is higher than reported. It’s hard to find that level of exposure in the USA because of Fukushima!!!

    Japan’s Secrecy Bill is going to squash even further the truth: the health of those who remain will decline. From Studies we know that endocrine diseases like fatigue syndromes, systemic pain, diabetes, thyroid diseases, heart conditions including sudden death, cancers of thyroid, breast, leukemia, melanoma, Hodgkins, Lupus, cataracts (including children)…. indeed, too numerous to calculate without the REAL EXPOSURE levels and WITHOUT SUPPRESSION OF REALITY — through intimidation of doctors and nurses and patients not to report illnesses and not to report the obvious link to radiation exposure. The same pattern of official policy – by government and health system — is remarkably the same in Japan as what happened in the Chernobyl territories — Ukrain, Belarus and Russia. Intimidation, suppression of reporting, and suffering. [ECRR 2006 Chernobyl 20 Years On

    When Chernobyl blew, the plan for Chernobyl was also a ‘return’ to 1mSv/year exposure…. but how can that be? How is that possible when levels of exposure are not valid, when exposure also comes from living in a highly radioactive environment and breathing rads from the atomosphere (Fukushima Daiichi still spewing) and consuming contaminated food and water? Playing, walking, gardening in soils that hold all manner of man-made radioisotopes? Fukushima continues to spew, seafood throughout Japan and eastern Pacific is far too risky to consume; crops grown in eastern Japan remain contaminated. The result, diseases and deaths, including of children, continue to rise, and we know that Tepco and Japanese government have repeatedly reported far, far LESS rad levels than there really were and are! As reported by ECRR 2011, when calculating the health compromised and deaths caused by Chernobyl – which is now true of Fukushima – “These calculations do not assume that the cancer is caused by the Cs-137 exposure; Cs-137 is seen as a flag indicating the presence of a range of harmful radionuclides.”

    The initial release from Chernobyl was and now Fukushima has been revised upward — at least THREE TIMES WORSE THAN CHERNOBYL… GLOBALLY. The world was told a ‘cold shutdown’ would occurr when the TRUTH is that there is no ‘cold shutdown’ of THREE NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS that DISCHARGED into the atmosphere – far more than has still been fully revealedn – AND what is left is in ONGOING, UNCONROLLED Meltdown — nuclear fission out of control……. making a far GREATER area THAT SHOULD STILL BE EVACUATED! A minimum 10,000 sq km and the schools in it should have closed March 12, 2011.

    Many Blessings for the children and people of Fukushima… both those who wisely re-located and those who, for whatever reason, remain.

    Posted by Marushka France | March 20, 2014, 1:21 am

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