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… AND THE SHOW MUST GO ON, as Evacuees return to Fukushima “hot zone” begins


A sign board reading "That's Enough, Radiation" is put along a street at Miyakoji area in Tamura, Fukushima prefecture

A sign board reading “That’s Enough, Radiation” is put along a street at Miyakoji area in Tamura, Fukushima prefecture


To validate the ongoing “human experiment” on the children of Fukushima, taking place right before our own eyes, by the Japanese Government and the Nuclear mafia, residents are allowed to go back to Miyakoji area of Tamura (within the former no go zone) , a city 220 km northeast of Tokyo and inland from the wrecked Fukushima nuclear station (within the former no go zone, ) as of Monday.  

Insanity is prevailing.

Toddlers play at a nursery school in Tamura, Fukushima, after authorities allowed residents to return to their homes (AP/Kyodo News)

Toddlers play at a nursery school in Tamura, Fukushima, after authorities allowed residents to return to their homes (AP/Kyodo News)


As we reported a few days ago, authorities gave the green light for evacuees to return to the town of Kawauchi, Iitate and Tamura.  It’s not that radiation levels are safe enough to do so, it is just that radiation levels there are tempered enough on papers to lure desperate evacuees to come back.

Tamura is the first area in the 20-km (12-mile) Fukushima exclusion zone to be reopened as decontamination was “completed”, paving the way for more towns to be resettled. The government had planned to lift the Miyakoji ban in late October but opposition by residents delayed the move.

A few cars streamed into the town, where several TV news vans were set up. Some elderly women sat by the roadside, but there were no children or families in sight outside – and that is a good thing!

Kitaro Saito, who is in his early 60s, will stay outside Miyakoji, despite wanting to return to his large hillside house there, because he thinks the government is using residents as “guinea pigs” to test if more people can return home.

“Relatives are arguing over what to do,” he said, warming his hands outside his temporary home among rows of other one-room trailers. “The town will be broken up.”


A security personnel holds a flag as he stand by a steel gate that marks the border between Tamura and Okuma town in Okuma town, Fukushima prefecture

Schools open later this week, but seven children (see pic above) came to the local pre-school and four older children were also dropped off, as volunteers from nuclear plant operator Tokyo Electric Power removed ice and snow and levelled the playground.

Children in temporary homes outside the evacuation zone got 30 minutes to play outdoors each day, but how long they will spend outdoors now they are home has yet to be decided. It is a scary thought to think that they will decide on the fate on these children … before proper and legit assessments have been made.

“We explain to them, ‘There are bad germs outside and if you stay out too long, the germs will get inside your body,'” one teacher said. “Most of them understand.”

Germs ? Seriously?



We know for a fact that the radiation estimated by corrupt authorities in power were found to be much lower than in reality. They admited it after being busted by Mainichi Shimbun. Authorities explained that they “reworked” the numbers to prevent hopeful evacuees from changing their mind about returning to Tamura.

THAT IS A FACT not a rumor!

I wish for elders to be happy upon returning to their homes. After all it is their land and unfortunately they are to take on the burden to clean it all up for the next generations. Well probably a few generations down. But I am disgusted and revolted at the sight of children returning to Tamura. Children are not supposed to live a life with a time limit for playing outside. What the hell is wrong with people? Why is Japan allowing this to take place? Hot particles anyone? Seven children in ONE school ? What ? Has any adults tried to think for ONE second what is going through the mind of these children ? The fear the stress ? Irresponsible adults can try to reassure them all they want … but children aren’t stupid, they KNOW better !!!! IRRESPONSIBLE human beings!!! Very sad!

One more thing; 100 mSv is the new norm. 20 mSv is the new “legal ” standard in Japan. This a clear violation of human rights.

More on this “despicable” story here

福島の子供を守れ Nelson



4 thoughts on “… AND THE SHOW MUST GO ON, as Evacuees return to Fukushima “hot zone” begins

  1. Mothers are still worried about radiation and this is can be an unbearable toll on us. The government is not taking enough action to protect our children and we are left with nothing but guilt and a heavy burden to get our children assessed for radiation. Read all about it in our Memoirs of Women Migrants.

    Posted by sato mari | May 5, 2014, 2:04 pm


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