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本宮市にある、スマイルキッズパーク Indoor sandbox for children in Motomiya shi

Children in Motomiya city, Fukushima playing in an indoor made sandbox. 本宮市にある、スマイルキッズパーク。今日は、市内の保育園、幼稚園から遊びに。 This facility is called “Smile kids park” and was created in July 2012. The Reconstruction Agency claims the facility is aimed at providing much needed exercice to children, both from nursery and elementary schools. These children are stuck in limbo in contaminated areas … Continue reading


日本語は下記から御覧になれます。 An unforgettable smile on children I had the opportunity to meet 8 wonderful children last year from Koriyama and Fukushima City as they came to France for two weeks, as part of a recuperation program launched by Yoshino Hiroyuki san of Fukushima Network for Saving children from radiation 子供たちを放射能から守る福島ネットワーク and Olivier Florens and … Continue reading

Fukushima children thyroid cancer cases spreading to their lymph nodes and lungs

Fukushima children thyroid cancer cases now diagnosed with cancer cells in their lymph nodes and lungs 51人の甲状腺がん手術>「取らなくてよい癌を取っているのではない。リンパ節転移や肺転移などがほとんど」鈴木眞一氏     As predicted and following the ongoing counts of Thyroid cancers in the children of Fukushima, reported here, here, and here , the numbers are climbing high enough that doctors and researchers across the country are starting … Continue reading

New textbooks omit Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

New textbooks omit Fukushima Nuclear Disaster 教科書、にじむ苦悩 原発事故・津波どう伝える 2014年4月10日 by Tsuyoshi Nagano / Asahi Shimbun Fukushima accident mentioned in only 1 elementary school science textbook Only one of the six science textbooks approved for use at elementary schools from the next academic year covers the issue of the Fukushima nuclear accident triggered by the 2011 earthquake and … Continue reading

Furumichi Elementary School reopens today

WELCOME BACK As I previously posted  here and here, Tamura’s Miyakoji district – located within 20 kilometers of Daiichi, has seen his evacuation order lifted on April 1st 2014, amidst proofs that authorities have been tampering with radiation readings to “comfort” evacuees to return. Consequently, schools are reopening. Furumichi Elementary School has welcome back 151 … Continue reading

7 schools to close doors due to Fukushima disaster

7 SCHOOLS TO CLOSE DOORS DUE TO RADIATION By Testuya Kasai / Asahi Seven elementary and junior high schools in Fukushima Prefecture will become the first public ones to close as a consequence of the 2011 nuclear disaster. Thirty-eight elementary and junior high schools from 10 municipalities relocated outside the evacuation zones after the triple meltdown … Continue reading

Breaking news: 75 children have now been diagnosed with thyroid cancers. 福島県、こどもの甲状腺がん75名に

8 MORE CASES OF THYROID CANCERS IN FUKUSHIMA CHILDREN In September 2012, the first case of thyroid cancer was diagnosed in a child out of 38 000 children. By September 2013, the number increase by 58 cases including 26 confirmed. By February 2014, a whooping 75 children out of roughly 270 000 are either confirmed or suspected to have … Continue reading

The Cancer registration Law がん登録法

The Cancer registration Law  がん登録法 by saigaijyouhou がん登録法案で原発事故の健康被害は隠される!?がん登録法には「2年以下の懲役又は100万円以下の罰金」という罰則がある!登録は個人情報保護法の適用外! – 真実を探すブ Whilst Japans new secrecy law was being unveiled, another law, lesser known as the “Cancer Registration Law” was quietly being voted. The Cancer registration Law (がん登録法 ) had passed the lower house (shortly after being widely accepted in the upper house 6/12/13) along with the … Continue reading

1 in 4 disaster-hit children needs mental care 引きこもりや暴力…被災園児25%問題行動

1 in 4 disaster-hit children needs mental care for problem behavior via mainichi  (Japanese following)   One in four children who were of nursery school age when the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami struck their homes in northeastern Japan needs medical care for their problematic behavior, a survey by a Ministry of Health, Labor … Continue reading

“Tepco has committed a crime; We’re going to the police tomorrow”

” 東電は犯罪を犯した。明日、警察に出頭します。” “Tepco has committed a crime; We’re going to the police tomorrow” Tokyo Press Conference at the FCCJ with Mutoh & Kaido san. Cancer is clearly increasing in Fukushima children, many experts starting to get seriously concerned. 6,042 people have submitted complaints to the police. Nothing would make me happier (apart from a full … Continue reading

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