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東京はファシスト安倍に対して大抗議!! TOKYO RISES TO FASCIST ABE !

Tokyo  30/06/2014  (updated on July 2sd) After being unconstitutionally elected by the Japanese Supreme Court, after paying for his shameful Olympics, after enacting both the Secrecy Law and the Cancer Registry Law がん登録法 (so they can continue their deadly experiment on the people of Fukushima in complete immunity), after sealing the fate of the children of … Continue reading


Hundreds rally in Tokyo against dropped Fukushima crisis charges by Japan Times March 1st, 2014 Hundreds rallied Saturday in Tokyo to protest a decision by prosecutors to drop charges over the Fukushima nuclear meltdowns, meaning no one has been indicted, let alone punished, nearly three years after a calamity ruled “man-made.”   Official records do … Continue reading

Yoichi Masuzoe 舛添 要一 – The new man in town

YOICHI MASUZOE IS THE NEW GOVERNOR OF TOKYO And though this is bad news, Masuzoe should resign within his first year in office. Why? Because he is bound for another potential scandal, as he is accustomed to. Masuzoe has won the gubernatorial election despite his money scandal (250 million yen, as opposed to ex-Governor Inose’s … Continue reading

Sex strike against voters of Tokyo candidate Masuzoe 舛添に投票する男とセックスしない女達の会

JAPANESE WOMEN VS YOICHI MASUZOE Leave it to the women of Japan to apply the best pressure against clueless Japanese politicians.  We have seen it countless times, whether it comes from the mothers of Fukushima fighting for the safety of their children or the burgeoning number of NGO’s and other activists groups against Nuclear. These … Continue reading


THE NEXT GOVERNOR OF TOKYO by Romy Berggren Who is for 2020 Tokyo Olympic? Everyone. Who is “anti-nuclear ? Just about everybody now (except for the ex-chief of staff of the air self defense force). Farce, you may say… Tokyo gubernatorial race descending into a whole lot of mess.. 1. Yoichi Masuzoe : 五輪という大きな目標があれば全力で東京を改造することができる (With … Continue reading

Wanna’ be Governor of Tokyo – Hosokawa 細川 護煕 “Olympic Marathon should be held in Fukushima”

Live from Lalaland   January 13th 2014 OLYMPIC GAMES IN FUKUSHIMA – NO JOKE ! Former Prime Minister Hosokawa, supported by another former PM Koizumi is entering the race for the next Governor of Tokyo. An anti-nuclear duo of former premiers could pose a headache for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his ruling Liberal Democratic Party. … Continue reading

Pro nuclear Tokyo Governor Inose resigns over Tokushukai scandal

<猪瀬氏>19日辞職表明 徳洲会5000万円引責 from Yahoo via Shinnichi Miyamoto 医療法人「徳洲会」グループから5000万円を受け取っていた東京都の猪瀬直樹知事が18日、辞職する意向を固めた。都議会は同日、罰則を伴う調査権を 持つ調査特別委員会(百条委員会)を20日に設置する方針を決め、政府・与党内でも辞職を求める声が高まったことから、都政や2020年東京五輪準備の停 滞を避けるため、辞職は不可避と判断したとみられる。19日に都庁で記者会見を開き、表明する見通し。 Tokyo Governor Naoki Inose is resigning, with his hand caught in the bag, following the Tokushukai cash scandal in which he received 50 million yens. After trying to change his story a couple of time, this little scoundrel bows down and justice prevails on this one, … Continue reading

Man throws shoes at LDP members during Diet session over Secrecy Bill

「革命起きるぞ」傍聴席から靴投げ男退場  ” It is time for Revolution” – Man throwing shoes at LDP party members in session via NIkkansports [2013年12月7日紙面から] Unless you are living on the moon, you surely know that the “secrecy bill” has passed (forced) by a majority of the ruling party in the upper house plenary session at midnight on Friday December … Continue reading

Fukushima residents furious at “secrecy bill”

Shinzo “Blackout” Abe pictures by Teppei Sato — Residents here are angry over the ruling bloc’s railroading of a highly controversial state secrets protection bill through the House of Representatives on the evening of Nov. 26 — just one day after voicing strong opposition to the legislation at a public hearing.     At the … Continue reading

POLITICS 政治 – Week 46 – 2013

POLITICS 政治 – Week 46 – 2013 via Shingetsu News Agency The secrecy bill Abe regime wants to pass Govt Secrets Bill through the House of Representatives by November 21. Mainichi Shinbun survey finds public opposed to Govt Secrecy Bill by a margin of 59% against and 29% in favor. Asahi poll on Govt Secrets Bill: … Continue reading

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