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Fukushima children thyroid cancer cases spreading to their lymph nodes and lungs

Fukushima children thyroid cancer cases now diagnosed with cancer cells in their lymph nodes and lungs 51人の甲状腺がん手術>「取らなくてよい癌を取っているのではない。リンパ節転移や肺転移などがほとんど」鈴木眞一氏     As predicted and following the ongoing counts of Thyroid cancers in the children of Fukushima, reported here, here, and here , the numbers are climbing high enough that doctors and researchers across the country are starting … Continue reading

7 schools to close doors due to Fukushima disaster

7 SCHOOLS TO CLOSE DOORS DUE TO RADIATION By Testuya Kasai / Asahi Seven elementary and junior high schools in Fukushima Prefecture will become the first public ones to close as a consequence of the 2011 nuclear disaster. Thirty-eight elementary and junior high schools from 10 municipalities relocated outside the evacuation zones after the triple meltdown … Continue reading

3年におよぶ狂気の沙汰 3 YEARS OF INSANITY

1 in 4 disaster-hit children needs mental care 引きこもりや暴力…被災園児25%問題行動

1 in 4 disaster-hit children needs mental care for problem behavior via mainichi  (Japanese following)   One in four children who were of nursery school age when the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami struck their homes in northeastern Japan needs medical care for their problematic behavior, a survey by a Ministry of Health, Labor … Continue reading

Conference Janick Magne “In the forbidden zone of Fukushima” Paris, January 20th

Conference Janick Magne “In the forbidden zone of Fukushima” January 20th 2014 , Salle Jean- Dame 17, rue Leopold Bellan , 75002 Paris Janick Magne lived in Japan for 35 years. University professor in Tokyo , Janick Magne was also the legislative EELV candidate for French living abroad. Ever since the Fukushima disaster , she … Continue reading

“Tepco has committed a crime; We’re going to the police tomorrow”

” 東電は犯罪を犯した。明日、警察に出頭します。” “Tepco has committed a crime; We’re going to the police tomorrow” Tokyo Press Conference at the FCCJ with Mutoh & Kaido san. Cancer is clearly increasing in Fukushima children, many experts starting to get seriously concerned. 6,042 people have submitted complaints to the police. Nothing would make me happier (apart from a full … Continue reading

As evacuation designated areas shrink, so are options for evacuees

IN LIMBO Since the start of the catastrophe in Fukushima on March 2011, areas designated for evacuation due to radiation levels have been redrawn on maps countless time, with a complete disregard for the safety, (physical and mental) of its residents. The ongoing contamination keeps on spreading, regardless of little circles or “invisible frontiers” being … Continue reading

Taro YAMAMOTO 山本太郎様 ~ Going The Distance Part 6 – Death Threat

Taro san receives a serious death threat (follow the story from the beginning here and here) The saga continues. After brave Senator Yamamoto breached the Imperial “etiquette” by handing a letter to the Emperor Akihito of Japan last week, during the annual autumn garden party at the Akasaka Palace imperial garden in Tokyo, in which Taro … Continue reading

26 cases Thyroid cancers confirmed + 32 suspected cases = 58 innocent children

SEPTEMBER 2013 26 cases Thyroid cancers confirmed as of 30 September 2013 32 more suspected cases 58 innocent children Following my last bill on the last results published in July 2013 on thyroid cancers for Fukushima children “The inconvenient Truth” (which also is the main focus of my upcoming 10th installment of Evacuate Fukushima video), … Continue reading

Taro YAMAMOTO 山本太郎様 ~ Going The Distance Part 5 – Under fire

Tokyo November 7th, 2013 参院、山本太郎氏の処分を確認 8日に具体案 by  47news 参院議院運営委員会は7日の理事会で、園遊会で天皇陛下に手紙を手渡した無所属の山本太郎参院議員への対応を協議し「非常識な行為」として処分する方針を確認した。具体的な処分案は8日午前に再協議する。 自民党は、山崎正昭議長が厳重注意した上で皇室行事への出席自粛を求めるとの処分案を各党に示す方針を固めている。この日の理事会で提示する方向だったが、党内に「軽すぎる」との異論もあり、調整のため提案を見送った。 理事会では、自民党が「山本氏は自ら出処進退を明らかにすべきだ。議員辞職を促したい」と強調した。 Source; 47news Latest developments by Takahiro Katsumi “In his attempt to deliver the letter directly to H.I.M. The Emperor at the Autumn Garden Party in the Imperial Palace held October 31, Sen. Taro Yamamoto bowed down deeply in a 90-degrees angle, expressing his utmost respect to … Continue reading

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