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Despite decontamination, radiation levels too high for many Fukushima residents to return

帰還困難区域:除染後 帰還目安の空間線量超え地点が多く  ◇住宅地など生活圏の空間線量は平均6割下がる 毎日新聞 2014年06月10日 Radiation levels in many areas of Fukushima Prefecture designated as zones where it is difficult for residents to return in the foreseeable future remain too high for residents to come back even after decontamination, the Environment Ministry said.   Areas near the crippled Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant where the annual … Continue reading

The Cancer registration Law がん登録法

The Cancer registration Law  がん登録法 by saigaijyouhou がん登録法案で原発事故の健康被害は隠される!?がん登録法には「2年以下の懲役又は100万円以下の罰金」という罰則がある!登録は個人情報保護法の適用外! – 真実を探すブ Whilst Japans new secrecy law was being unveiled, another law, lesser known as the “Cancer Registration Law” was quietly being voted. The Cancer registration Law (がん登録法 ) had passed the lower house (shortly after being widely accepted in the upper house 6/12/13) along with the … Continue reading

26 cases Thyroid cancers confirmed + 32 suspected cases = 58 innocent children

SEPTEMBER 2013 26 cases Thyroid cancers confirmed as of 30 September 2013 32 more suspected cases 58 innocent children Following my last bill on the last results published in July 2013 on thyroid cancers for Fukushima children “The inconvenient Truth” (which also is the main focus of my upcoming 10th installment of Evacuate Fukushima video), … Continue reading

Senator Taro YAMAMOTO 山本 太郎 ~ Going The Distance Part 3

October 31st, 2013 山本太郎議員、天皇陛下に突然手紙を…園遊会 Senator Taro Yamamoto braved protocols and handed a letter about Fukushima issues to Emperor Akihito, stirring contreversy and creating an instant mass debate on the web. “I wanted to directly tell the emperor of the current situation,” Yamamoto told reporters, referring to the crisis at the Fukushima nuclear plant north of … Continue reading

Exposing children to decontamination

Fukushima shi  October 2013 除染の際にでた放射性物質で汚染された土が、住宅のすぐそばに置かれたままになっている福島。 何も知らずに、そのすぐそばで遊ぶ子供たち。 今の日本の異常性、まさにここに極まれり! Unaware, children playing among piles of radioactive soil !!! These are bags full of radioactive soil removed from that house vicinity and left there, awaiting to be hopefully removed at some point. Where are the parents? This is a sad spectacle. Abe san; you are no leader. Is … Continue reading

A Letter to All Young Athletes Who Dream of Coming to Tokyo in 2020

そのままの形で広めさせていただきます。ありがとうございます! 広瀬隆さんが全世界のアスリートに向けた「真実の手紙」の原典です。 Some Facts You Should Know About Fukushima by TAKASHI HIROSE Special thanks for the relentless hard work provided by Takahiro Katsumi and everyone who stands up to this A Letter to All Young Athletes Who Dream of Coming to Tokyo in 2020 On September 7, 2013 Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said to … Continue reading

“We won’t eat it ourselves, but we sell it” – Fukushima farmers to the Government.

福島農家の若者、政府と東電に対して勇気ある発言 This is a very powerful video and heartbreaking ! We wish for these brave farmers to be compensated for their lost. The farmers don’t even want to eat their crops, do you think you should ? Shame on you Japan, for abandoning these brave people and making them an accessory in putting consumers in … Continue reading

“ABE PYON ” video game … or shameless propaganda

Abe san … jump, jump, jump !!! Jumping from platforms to platforms, PM Abe Shinzo is now a caped crusader in a video game … This is how the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and Abe san, himself, have chosen to appeal to younger voters. Just in time for the Senate elections July 21st, by which, … Continue reading

Idogawa san to Government “Starving evacuees into surrender”

国と東電を痛烈批判 井戸川前双葉町長が講演 大網白里 Former Futaba mayor, Mr. Idogawa sternly criticized the Japanese Government and Tepco for their cheap compensation for evacuees 井戸川前双葉町長国と東電を痛烈批判、「国は避難者を兵糧攻めにして安い賠償金で泣き寝入りさせようとしている」、   A citizen’s group 「子どもと一歩の会」 held a film event of “Nuclear Nation” at the Health and Culture center in Otsunashirozato-city in Chiba prefecture. About 180 people attended the event. Former Futaba Mayor, Mr. Idogawa was … Continue reading

Thyroid cancers – The inconvenient truth

Thyroid cancers in Fukushima In September 2012, the first case of thyroid cancer was diagnosed in a child out of 38 000 children. Conclusion by Pr. Suzuki of the infamous Fukushima Medical University; “not related to the nuclear accident. It took 5 yrs in Chernobyl to see an increase in thyroid cancers”” In February, new … Continue reading

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