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東京はファシスト安倍に対して大抗議!! TOKYO RISES TO FASCIST ABE !

Tokyo  30/06/2014  (updated on July 2sd) After being unconstitutionally elected by the Japanese Supreme Court, after paying for his shameful Olympics, after enacting both the Secrecy Law and the Cancer Registry Law がん登録法 (so they can continue their deadly experiment on the people of Fukushima in complete immunity), after sealing the fate of the children of … Continue reading

本宮市にある、スマイルキッズパーク Indoor sandbox for children in Motomiya shi

Children in Motomiya city, Fukushima playing in an indoor made sandbox. 本宮市にある、スマイルキッズパーク。今日は、市内の保育園、幼稚園から遊びに。 This facility is called “Smile kids park” and was created in July 2012. The Reconstruction Agency claims the facility is aimed at providing much needed exercice to children, both from nursery and elementary schools. These children are stuck in limbo in contaminated areas … Continue reading

希望の牧場 Fukushima Farmers bring cow from radiation zone to Tokyo. 被ばく牛、国に抗議.

” We cannot remain silent ”   ” だまってられるか!! “ Since Tokyo won’t acknowledge what is really going on in Fukushima, farmers Masami Yoshizawa “Kibo no Bokujo” (Farm of Hope) and Naoto Matsumura “ganbaru Fukushima” took upon themselves to bring a little bit of Fukushima to Tokyo. They want to know why so many of their animals … Continue reading


日本語は下記から御覧になれます。 An unforgettable smile on children I had the opportunity to meet 8 wonderful children last year from Koriyama and Fukushima City as they came to France for two weeks, as part of a recuperation program launched by Yoshino Hiroyuki san of Fukushima Network for Saving children from radiation 子供たちを放射能から守る福島ネットワーク and Olivier Florens and … Continue reading

Despite decontamination, radiation levels too high for many Fukushima residents to return

帰還困難区域:除染後 帰還目安の空間線量超え地点が多く  ◇住宅地など生活圏の空間線量は平均6割下がる 毎日新聞 2014年06月10日 Radiation levels in many areas of Fukushima Prefecture designated as zones where it is difficult for residents to return in the foreseeable future remain too high for residents to come back even after decontamination, the Environment Ministry said.   Areas near the crippled Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant where the annual … Continue reading

Fukushima children thyroid cancer cases spreading to their lymph nodes and lungs

Fukushima children thyroid cancer cases now diagnosed with cancer cells in their lymph nodes and lungs 51人の甲状腺がん手術>「取らなくてよい癌を取っているのではない。リンパ節転移や肺転移などがほとんど」鈴木眞一氏     As predicted and following the ongoing counts of Thyroid cancers in the children of Fukushima, reported here, here, and here , the numbers are climbing high enough that doctors and researchers across the country are starting … Continue reading

“Please Please HELP US!” – 世界市民に知らせてほしい!「助けてください。」 – Minami Soma Counsil man Oyama Koichi

31/05/2014 THE PLEDGE;  Mr Koichi Oyama 大山弘一  移動パソコン用 Translation by Dissensus Japan I want to shout for all the people in this world: “Please Please HELP US!”   “The cause substance have been found. This is an aggregate of radionuclides which starts with Uranium. It was made in the blast furnace of a nuclear reactor … Continue reading

HANAJI 鼻血 (nosebleed)

OISHINBO “THE TRUTH ABOUT FUKUSHIMA” Oishinbo 美味しんぼ is a long-running cooking manga written by Tetsu Kariya and drawn by Akira Hanasaki. It has been the 8th longest manga released in Japan to date and has sold over 130 million copies (1.2 million copies per volume).   In one of the first chapter of Oishinbo (subtitled … Continue reading

New textbooks omit Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

New textbooks omit Fukushima Nuclear Disaster 教科書、にじむ苦悩 原発事故・津波どう伝える 2014年4月10日 by Tsuyoshi Nagano / Asahi Shimbun Fukushima accident mentioned in only 1 elementary school science textbook Only one of the six science textbooks approved for use at elementary schools from the next academic year covers the issue of the Fukushima nuclear accident triggered by the 2011 earthquake and … Continue reading

Furumichi Elementary School reopens today

WELCOME BACK As I previously posted  here and here, Tamura’s Miyakoji district – located within 20 kilometers of Daiichi, has seen his evacuation order lifted on April 1st 2014, amidst proofs that authorities have been tampering with radiation readings to “comfort” evacuees to return. Consequently, schools are reopening. Furumichi Elementary School has welcome back 151 … Continue reading

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