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Dr Pellerin and the great escape

Paris 03/03/2013

The former head of the SCPRI (Radiation Protection French agency) Pierre Pellerin, died Sunday morning in Paris of a lung infection. He was 90 yrs old.

Pellerin was in charge when the nuclear reactor in Chernobyl exploded in April 1986 and released massive amounts of radiation throughout Europe, including South of France and Corsica. The later was the first French region to be flown by the radioactive cloud, where a large amount of thyroid cancers were later declared.

Pellerin is mostly infamous for telling the French that the Chernobyl disaster, April 1986, posed no danger and that the radiation cloud stopped at the French borders. A position which earned him an indictment in 2006, following complaints by the French Thyroid Patients Association and antinuclear Criirad Association. He was indicted for “aggravated deception and deceit” in 2006. He was also heard as an assisted witness “on injury and manslaughter” in the same case. In 2011, he was declared “not guilty” by the French justice. The verdict was rendered as the court claimed that “under the data at the time and a lack of knowledge due to the circumstances, Mr Pellerin did not willingly nor knowingly mislead the French people. ” Bottom line, he will remain unpunished for his lies that caused incredible pains to so many.


Pellerin became quickly the media center piece of a massive propaganda that included dis-information, lying systematically on contamination levels and other cover ups. He falsified figures by a factor of several hundred, saying there was little or no contamination when in fact radiation was 400 times over what was considered safe. But most importantly, Pellerin was the main figure to side with the French nuclear authorities, assuring citizens that there was no danger and therefore, no special measures needed to be taken. No special protective measures were indeed undertaken as radioactive milk, lettuce, mushrooms and other produces were then allowed to be sold freely as if nothing happened. 


Pierre Pellerin has escaped its responsibilities and cannot be held accountable for what happens next. In that sense, he has accomplished the greatest escape of all.


It seems each Nuclear catastrophe give birth to psychopath pseudo scientists who are given the power to force feed, with much ease if I may add, a false sense of security to the mass.  i.e  Dr Yamashita / Fukushima.


The only difference between Yamashita and Pellerin is that his Japanese sidekick clearly confessed to worried parents that he “cannot be held responsible because by the time children get sick, he will be dead”. True to that !


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3 thoughts on “Dr Pellerin and the great escape

  1. I wanted to add a great comment made by a dear friend of mine Laurent Figus. It is in French sorry.

    “Le Dr Pierre Pellerin est mort !Grâce à lui le nuage mortel en provenance de Tchernobyl a épargné la France . Sorte de Dr Yamashita avant l’heure il nous a tous fait retrouver le sourire et avaler des tas de denrées alimentaires sans le moindre risque , alors que si elles avaient été contaminées ç’aurait été extrêmement dangereux pour notre santé , notre thyroïde , nos enfants plus sensibles on le sait aux radionucléides que les adultes ! Heureusement grâce à ce scientifique émérite grâce à sa clairvoyance et sons sens du serment d’Hippocrate ,tout danger étant écarté nous avons pu retourner tranquillement vaquer à nos occupations ,repoussant à plus loin tout risque de métastases gloutonnes !Ce brave homme a vécu 90 dix ans ce qui prouve qu’il avait bonne conscience ! le sentiment du devoir bien fait !Outre-là un certain nombre de personnes mortes de cancer bien avant lui l’attendent pour le remercier chaleureusement de l’espoir qu’il a apporté au pays en 1986 suite au désastre de Tchernobyl et lui remettre ce document signé avec son sang ,qu’il ne manquera pas de reconnaître ainsi que d’en assumer les lourdes conséquences !LOL! Hey bon voyage Pierrot Pellerin en diable et bonne chance surtout là pour le compte le brasier s’arrête vraiment à la frontière ! :)”

    Laurent Figus

    Posted by nelson311 | March 4, 2013, 6:52 am
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    • thank you very much. I am glad you are finding this info useful. Sorry I did not post much last month. I am back though and unfortunately, there are a lot of bad news to post.
      All the best to you.


      Posted by nelson311 | July 28, 2013, 11:24 pm

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