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New textbooks omit Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

New textbooks omit Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

New textbooks omit Fukushima Nuclear Disaster 教科書、にじむ苦悩 原発事故・津波どう伝える 2014年4月10日 by Tsuyoshi Nagano / Asahi Shimbun Fukushima accident mentioned in only 1 elementary school science textbook Only one of the six science textbooks approved for use at elementary schools from the next academic year covers the issue of the Fukushima nuclear accident triggered by the 2011 earthquake and … Continue reading


全てのメンバーの方々へ、 福島の子供を救えに参加して頂い、て誠にどうもありがとうございます。’’福島の子供を救’’ う事’に対して貢献する事にどうか気楽にポスト、コンタクト等宜しくお願いいたします。

Thank you to all new members for joining our page Evacuate Fukushima. We are very happy and honored that you are being a part of this. We are a small influential community with one primary goal; Evacuate the children from contaminated areas.

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